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Take a step toward more of the life that you want!

We pride ourselves in making the process of getting help and understanding the problem as easy as possible. The point of getting help is to have more of the life that you want for yourself. We work collaboratively with clients to better understand themselves and the difficulties they are experiencing.  

If you're looking for help in contending with a challenging situation or crisis, or if you are interested in understanding yourself and "what makes you tick," or if you've noticed patterns and are having trouble changing on your own, we can be of help. 

We try to be responsive to client needs, and offer flexibility in fees and appointment times, and are available for evening and weekend appointments.

We can accept most insurances, including TRICARE, MediCare, 
Medi-Medi, and most PPOs.  
We will work with you to help you figure out how to get the help 
you are wanting.

Call or email...  
We're happy to discuss your concerns and potentially arrange
an initial consultation.

Assessment and Testing

Metro Psychological


Daniel Blaess, Ph.D.